General Rules & Regulations
To maintain conditions and an atmosphere in which the facilities of Nassau Country Club may be fully enjoyed by all, the membership long ago agreed that certain House Rules are necessary. If each member accepts these rules and makes sure that the other members of their family and their guests observe them also, a more harmonious relationship will be facilitated. Since these rules and regulations can not anticipate every situation, the professional staff has the authority to use its discretion in such instances.

Policy on Smoking
Nassau Country Club maintains a smoke free Clubhouse.
Smoking is permitted on the golf course only.
We appreciate your compliance.

Policy on Cell Phones
Cell phones, pagers, Blackberry’s and any other wireless communication devices may only be used in the locker rooms, halfway house and Club parking lot.

Dress Code Policy
It is expected that all members and guests of members dress in a fashion befitting the surroundings and atmosphere provided in the setting of the Club. The following items of clothing for both men and women are considered improper attire anywhere on Club grounds: Cut off/running shorts, cargo pants / shorts, jeans or denim apparel, tee shirts, sweatshirts, tank or halter tops, or any article of clothing with wording inappropriate to the atmosphere of the Club.

Warm-up type suits are permitted when playing tennis or platform tennis, but are inappropriate for wear for other sports and are not permitted in the dining facilities of the Clubhouse.
Tee shirts and gym shorts are permitted in the workout facility and locker rooms only.

Hats will not be worn in the interior of the dining areas. Outside, hats will be worn in the forward position.
Bare feet are not acceptable anywhere outside the pool area or locker rooms.

Men are required to wear collared shirts and they should be tucked in at all times.
Slacks or Bermuda-length shorts are considered appropriate.
Ladies are required to wear slacks, skirts, dresses or Bermuda-length shorts.
Shirts must have either collars or sleeves.

Tennis & Platform Tennis
Gentlemen's attire must include proper tennis shorts and in combination may be 50% color.
No T-shirts, cut-offs or jogging shorts permitted.
Ladies top and skirt combinations may be 50% color.
Dresses may be a solid pastel color with trim.
Sneakers other than tennis flat-style are not permitted on tennis courts.
Sweat suits and high-top sneakers are not permitted for platform tennis.

Grounds & Pool
Members, and guests of members are not permitted to arrive at the Club in bathing suits.
They must change into bathing attire at the Club.
After changing to swimming suits, members must stay in the pool area.
Bathing suits with or without cover-ups are not permitted on the Great Lawn or Clubhouse (other than locker rooms).
Children in swim suits are not permitted to roam the porches, the Clubhouse, tennis courts or other areas.

Attire not acceptable on the golf course or tennis courts is not permitted elsewhere on the grounds.

Jackets and ties are required for gentlemen in the upstairs dining room for Saturday dinners.
On Casual dining nights, casual attire in keeping with the Country Club atmosphere is appropriate.
Sunday Brunch, Jackets and Ties are preferred.
Occasional exceptions for special events may be announced.
Children under ten must be neatly attired.
Clothing not in keeping with the standards for golf or tennis are not appropriate in the Clubhouse or elsewhere on Club property.